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Tri-C Myco Tabs contain 17 species of Endo-Ecto mycorrhizal fungi with 17-9-5 NPK.


Tri-C MYCO Tabs

  • Tri-C Myco Tabs provide mycorrhizae for the root and nutrients (fertilizer) for the plant in one easy to use tablet. Mycorrhizal fungi help to extend the root system into the surrounding soil creating greater nutrient and water uptake resulting in faster and more robust plant growth.

    Myco Tabs can be used with new planting, transplanting, erosion control, revegetation and hydroponic applications. Simply place tabs around or within the root ball of the plant, shrub or tree ensuring direct contact between the roots and Myco Tabs. Place tabs equally around root ball when using more than 1 tab.

    For application rates and additional information please refer to product label.

  • Due to the nature of our products all sales are final. No returns or exchanges are accepted.

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