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Being able to grow plants takes more than just a green thumb. Realistically, it takes knowledge of soil and plant nutrition – and that means taking the assistance when and where it is available. Various products are services are offered by Tri-C Organics so that you can take gardening to the next level.

Soil and Plant Nutrition

Soil is a critical component of growing anything. The three-dimensional substance covers a significant amount of the earth’s surface to offer a habitat for everything from fungi to bacteria to other organisms.

Soil is capable of doing a lot, especially when it is equipped with the right organic matter:


  • It will recycle raw materials

  • It will filter water

  • It will provide a foundation for infrastructure

  • It offers a medium for plant growth


Plant growth is where we are going to focus our energy – and it’s why the nutrition has to be sufficient. It is what will help the plants stabilize with a strong root system, obtain the oxygen that it needs, and contain plenty of water so that they can move upward to feed the plants.

Light and water aren’t enough. The soil is a food source for plants – and it needs sufficient nutrients to grow in a healthy and structurally sound way.

Not all soil is perfect the way that it is found on the earth’s surface – and that’s why there are products that can make a difference.



A variety of industries can benefit from soil health products, so you don’t have to feel as though you’re limited by whether you are a homeowner, a landscaper, or even a commercial grower.

We have offered our humate soil conditioners and other products to home gardeners, landscape companies, sports field operators, golf course superintendents, cannabis growers, and many others. We are actively involved in many industry organizations so that we can educate people on the benefits of soil nutrition.

Any and all green industries can shop with us and experience the benefits of what we have to offer.

Products We Offer

We offer an array of products to ensure that the soil you’re working with is nutrient-rich and healthy. We have the sizes and forms of products that work for the kind of garden or project that you are working to maintain, too.

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Whether you are searching for a garden kit to get started in your backyard or you need Myco tablets by the bucket, we at Tri-Organics have the products that can make a difference within your gardening and landscaping enterprises.

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