Tri-C MYCO PAKS include eleven (11) species in a teabag. Endo (4) & Ecto (7) mycorrhizae fungi. Easy to use, just place anywhere around rootball.


Plant, Water, and Grow!


  • Tri-C MYCO PAKS can be used from small plants to huge trees. Just place Tri-C MYCO PAKS around rootball. Water disintegrates the teabag tissue and then fungi has contact with roots. In a hurry? Just rip open the top of the teabag and pour contents into hole around the roots.


    Great way to treat existing plants or trees: Dig a little hole next to established tree trunk and pour pak fungi into the hole. Cover and water.


    *This product, like all our products at Tri-C, are made of natural compounds to ensure they are non toxic and safe.

  • Due to the nature of our products all sales are final. No returns or exchanges are accepted.