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Garden Soil


Creating products that enhance soil and plant health since 1996.

Tri-C Organics provides high-quality soil and root amendments for landscape and gardening. Our goal is to create products that dramatically improve soil and plant health, save water and positively benefit the environment.

Soil Amendments

Tri-C Humate Products: A unique organic soil conditioner


Humate is a unique, highly compressed natural organic humus derived from prehistoric plant vegetation, mined from deposits originally in fresh water. Humate provides depleted soils essential elements and trace minerals necessary for the development of plant life, dramatically improving soil health giving the soil the ability to nurture thriving seeds and plants.

Tri-C Mycorrhizal Products: A variety of beneficial root fungi


What is "mycorrhizae"? These friendly soil fungi are natural microorganisms present in good soil but are often missing in poor soil. They form a relationship with the plant roots and create an extensive network of root filaments, helping the plant absorb more soil nutrients. Mycorrhizal fungi help create better soil structure and permeability, greater nutrient and moisture uptake resulting in faster plant growth, resistance to disease and greater plant diversity.

Natural Organic Fertilizers


A variety of industries can benefit from soil health products, so you don’t have to feel as though you’re limited by whether you are a homeowner, a landscaper, or even a commercial grower.

We have offered our humate soil conditioners and other products to home gardeners, landscape companies, sports field operators, golf course superintendents, cannabis growers, and many others. We are actively involved in many industry organizations so that we can educate people on the benefits of soil nutrition.

Any and all green industries can shop with us and experience the benefits of what we have to offer.

Products We Offer

Our shop offers a variety of humate and mycorrhizae products to ensure that the soil you’re working with is nutrient-rich and your plants are healthy. We have the sizes and forms of products that work for the kind of garden or project that you are working to maintain, too.

Contact Us

Whether you are searching for a garden kit to get started in your backyard or you need Myco Tabs by the bucket, Tri-Organics has the products that can make a difference with all of your landscape and gardening projects.

Contact us today by shopping online or calling our warehouse to learn more about Tri-C products.

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