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Tri-C Premium Humate

Summer is upon us, and many people are thinking about ways to keep their lawns green, lush, and healthy throughout the summer and fall, as well as protect them if there is a drought or some other issue. One of the best ways to do that is with Tri-C Premium Humate Soil Conditioner.

Tri-C Premium Humate Soil Conditioner is an organic soil treatment that will even stimulate the microorganisms of your lawn and plants. By applying just one application of Tri-C Premium Humate soil conditioner to your lawn or plants, it will give you the same results as if you purchased high-quality organic compounds and spread them to the tune of a half an inch all over the surface of your lawn. That can be much more costly than simply buying a bag of Tri-C Premium Humate soil conditioner that will give you the same results.


This product will give you amazing results for your lawn, trees, shrubs, and landscaping plants since it will build up the soil and it is much easier to work with than an organic compost top application would be to use because it comes in a granular form so you can avoid the dust and debris that you would otherwise be dealing with when it comes to other products.

Key Components and Details of Tri-C Natural Granular Humate Soil Conditioner

Tri-C Premium Humate Soil Conditioner is comprised of organic matter that is more than a million years old that has been mined from soil, for the soil. You can make your lawn, landscaping, crops, and more chemically, physically, and biologically healthier than ever before. It contains both humic acid and fulvic acid which have been proven to help increase the organic matter in all types of soil well speeding up the microbial activity to create a living environment for your lawn and plants.

The active ingredients in this product include 35 percent calcium sulfate dihydrate and it is mined from gypsum. The humate level humic acid of the product is derived from Leonardite.

How Often Does It Need Applied?

It only takes one to two applications of Tri-C Natural Granular humate soil conditioner each year to nourish and condition the soil to leave you with beautiful grass and plants in your landscaping. Your house or business will definitely have the best curb appeal on the block as your flowers flourish and your lawn stays lush and beautiful. This type of organic soil conditioner will leave your lawn dramatically improved and much healthier than it is right now. You can apply it yourself or hire a lawn and landscaping care company that can do it for you.

Why Use Tri-c Premium Humate?

This product is amazing and will make a world of difference when you use it to condition the soil in your garden, landscaping, lawn, or even fields for your crops. It will keep the soil thriving which, in turn, will keep your plants and lawn flourishing and growing in a healthy manner throughout each season.

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