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Tri-C Humate Plus

If you have been looking for an organic granular humate soil conditioner for lawns, landscaping, gardens, trees, shrubs, soil, crop, or fields, Tri-C Humate Plus is the product you need. Read on for more information about Tri-C Humate Plus and the many benefits of this product.

Why Use Tri-C Humate Plus

There are many good reasons that you should use Tri-C Humate Plus. Improves the seedbed of your plants, helps them tolerate droughts easily, increases the irrigation in the soil, and improves the seedbed of your plants.

When it comes to the chemical aspects of this product, it will neutralize the alkaline and acid that is already in the soil, helps to increase ion exchange capacity, and release fertilizer into the roots of your plants while also regulating hormone levels and increasing mineral uptake by your plants and grass.

Key components and Details

Tri-C Humate Plus is full of minerals, organic matter, humic acids, and types of bacteria that are very beneficial to plants and grass. It is created from a homogeneous blend of Humate as well as Gypsum. The great thing is that Tri-C Humate Plus is formulated to be granular, so it eliminates dust when you are using it.

Biologically, this product will speed up cell division in your plants and grass while also increasing the thickness of the cell walls and speeding up the process of seed germination.

How Often to Use

Tri-C Humate is easy to use. Simply spread it around the soil before you initially plant so that aerification can begin to occur before you plant your landscaping flowers and plants, garden, or grass. It will enhance the process of this organic-based soil conditioner while preparing your soil for the optimal growth of your plants. You can then plant and increase the application of the product to one to two days, along with irrigation, before you get into a regular schedule and routine with the product. You can also adjust the process since how often you apply Tri-C Humate Plus will depend on the condition of the soil, the level of irrigation in your soil, the type of plant material, the climate you live in, and several other things.


How Long It Takes to See Results

All Tri-C products boast both micro and macro nutrients which helps them become great and appropriate for plant use. Tri-C Humate Plus is designed to assist the deep roots systems of plants and grass in growing and developing and provide the fuel that is needed to improve plant health through microbial activity and resist diseases. Since this product also contains fertilizer, it will feed the soil as well as the plant material and their root systems. All of these things combined lead to the fact that as long as you continue doing maintenance on your soil at least twice every year with this granular humate soil conditioner, your plants and grass should flourish and grow at a natural level so you can enjoy the beauty of it all throughout each season.

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