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Humate Soil Conditioner

Why Tri-C Humate May Be Exactly What Your Project Needs

Our products at Tri-C Organics were developed for use in horticulture, landscape, sports field, golf course, and erosion control industries. The addition of Tri-C Humate based products will enhance soil conditions during construction and maintenance, which is important to the health of soil and plant material. It is critical when working in poor soil conditions with minimal organic matter and potential for ongoing adverse conditions, such as high salt areas or elevated pH.

Thorough soil preparation is critical for successful plant and/or turf establishment. Feeding the soil during long term maintenance is also important to maintain a healthy soil environment. If the soil is conditioned two times per year, there will be long term benefits in healthy turf and plants, more effective water usage, and should decrease the use of herbicides.

Features and benefits of Tri-C Humate Products

Tri-C Humate: 100% highly concentrated granular organic soil conditioner with over 40 naturally occurring micronutrients. Approved for “certified” organic growers - OMRI Listed & OIM (California). For use in soil prep, backfill, hydroseeding and erosion control.

Tri-C Premium Humate: Greens grade version of our Tri-C Humate, screened resulting in less dust.

Tri-C Humate Plus: Concentrated natural soil conditioner with gypsum, 7 % Calcium and 5 % Sulfur. Helps lower pH and sodium, improves poor soil conditions and enhances other soil amendments. Granular, easy to apply for use in soil prep, backfill and maintenance.

Tri-C 6-2-4: Two products, one application – highly concentrated granulated soil conditioner and fertilizer. For use in soil prep, backfill, maintenance, hydroseeding and erosion control.

Tri-C Soluble Humate Powder: Highly concentrated 100% soluble soil conditioner powder. Mix with water for all liquid applications; works in most standard fertigation systems. For use in maintenance, hydroseeding, erosion control, drip irrigation/fertigation, foliar, hydroponics

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