Humate Products

Tri-C Humate | Tri-C Humate Plus | Tri-C Premium Humate | Tri-C Humate 6/2/4 Blend | Tri-C Soluble Humate

All products are rich in minerals, carbon, organic matter, humic acids, and beneficial bacteria. The definitive difference in Tri-C Humate Plus is the homogeneous blend of Humate and GYPSUM. The Tri-C Humate Plus is granular, therefore eliminating the dust which is often a problem for topical or maintenance applications of organic materials. All products include Micro/Macro nutrients, allowing it to be available in a form for plant use. Tri-C Humate products help develop deep root systems, provide fuel for microbial activity, improve plant health, and the ability to resist disease. Tri-C Humate 6/2/4 Blend has the same great benefits of the other three Tri-C Humate products, but it includes fertilizer, therefore it feeds the soil and the plant material. Tri-C Humate is OMRI & OIM listed.

*Material Safety Data Sheets available upon request*

Benefits of Humate

Physical: Increase water holding capacity; Improves seed bed; Reduces soil erosion; Improves drought tolerance; Improves soil aeration.


Chemical: Increase percentage of total N in soil; Neutralizes alkaline and acid in soil; Increases ion exchange capacity; Increases mineral uptake; Retains and releases fertilizer in roots; Regulates hormone levels in stressed plants.

Biological: Accelerates cell division, increases cell wall thickness; Accelerates seed germination; Increases positive soil micro organisms; Increases length of root growth; Increases nutrient uptake; Increases enzyme production; Increases photosynthesis.