Plant your own Victory Garden! Gardening is a great way to get outdoors, connect with family and grow your own food. Talk about farm to table! Our Victory Garden Kit contains three of our best selling products to create healthy soil, bigger roots and maintain your garden - all for one low price.

Victory Garden Kit

  • Each Victory Garden Kit includes the following:


    TRI-C HUMATE ORGANIC SOIL CONDITIONER: Our humate soil conditioner provides rich minerals to the soil. All great gardens start with healthy soil! (QTY: One 16oz Shaker)


    TRI-C MYCO PAKS: Our Myco Paks support the growth of bigger, better roots which allow the plants to have a strong base and collect the necessary nutrients from the soil. (QTY: 25 Tea Style Paks)


    TRI-C MYCO REVIVAL PLUS: Our Revival Plus is great for ongoing maintenance. This product plays a vital role in the long term health of the soil, root, and the overall health of the garden. (QTY: One 16oz. Shaker)