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How to Bring Your Landscape Back to Life

Whether you are wondering what the best enhancement for flowering plants is or just want general advice on how to keep your landscape looking good and staying healthy, taking the time to care for your landscape can transform how your landscape looks and give you the results you are looking for. There’s no need to settle for less when it comes to your landscape. Let your dull or struggling landscape thrive.

Enhancing Soil for Plants

At Tri-C Organics, we know how important it is to appropriately add some life to your landscape. People often wonder what the best way to enhance plants can be, and the answer to that question depends on what soil you are dealing with and the main things you want to accomplish with that soil. When you have poor soil, our products improve it by providing essential elements and microbes necessary for the robust health of your soil. Our humate and mycorrhizal products contain the nutrients soil needs with the peace of mind that you need to feel secure in your landscaping choices.

Humate Products

When you want to improve water-holding capabilities, better your seed bed, maximize drought tolerance, or improve soil aeration, humate soil conditioner products can help you accomplish your goals. Humates are natural matter that creates humus, which is part of the soil. Thus, by using these, you can improve your plant health with natural means.

Mycorrhizal Fungi for Gardening

Mycorrhizal fungi can be an excellent enhancer for a home garden or other soil that is poor and doesn’t have natural soil fungi. The soil and the fungi have a symbiotic relationship, which means that they benefit from one another. Therefore, these fungi can help balance your soil and can promote nutrition and balance in plants.

Use Smart Irrigation Practices

Having an irrigation system that runs smoothly and efficiently is vital for your landscape. First, you want to look at the current infrastructure you have and see if there are any repairs that you may need to correct. You can also start to use better irrigation techniques to maximize your efficiency. When you do this, you help the earth and your wallet!

Some suggestions for better irrigation include:

  • Use compost to help store more water

  • Use soaker hoses for vegetables or flowers, which makes the water you are putting on the plants more even

  • Deep watering can help roots grow deeper and strengthen your landscape

  • Water earlier because early morning helps ensure the stems and leaves don’t have too much moisture, leading to disease or unwanted fungus

Irrigation is a smart practice because it helps your landscape look good while also being good for the environment, so don’t ignore the irrigation of your landscape.

Pruning and Shaping Shrubs Matters

Letting plants just grow without pruning or shaping them is a serious mistake in landscaping. That doesn’t mean you can just get your shears out and start trimming away. Be gentle and try to retain the original shape as best as you can. It’s better to trim too much than too little. You can always prune more, but you cannot erase any damage you’ve done when you’ve pruned too much.

Color Schemes are Helpful

Having a color scheme or adding color can help add aesthetic appeal to your landscape. Having healthy plants is the number one priority but splashes of color that fit your color scheme can take a landscape from dull to exciting without requiring that much effort. Determine what colors fit your space. Some landscapes are more functional than aesthetic, but if you want an aesthetic landscape, you need to think about what colors appeal to you and fit with your project.

Variety Adds to Any Landscape

You never want to choose just one or a couple of plants or motifs to use in a landscape. Having variety makes the landscaping look better. Consider the different textures and shapes of plants and plan accordingly. The landscape should have different types of plants so that it has the depth it needs to stand out.

Plant With Purpose

Landscapes shouldn’t just be completed on a whim. Think about the schematics of your landscape. Don’t just consider what looks good. Think about the function of the plants. Consider if your plants are annual or perennial. Think about how much sun they need and what spots would be best for their needs. Also, consider how the plants you already have can work positively with any you want to add. Making a rough plan of how you want your landscape to look when you refresh it each year helps you create a more efficient landscape.

Tri-C Organics Knows Plants

We can offer you the best products for plants and flowers. We offer a range of mycorrhizal fungi and humate products so that you can get exactly what you’re looking for. Our products will help you bring your landscape back to life and take the form you want them to take. Contact us or visit our shop today!

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