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10 Reasons to Use Fertilizers

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Fertilizers are more popular now than ever because of people's safety and trust in the words "All-natural." It has become a brand name and is regarded as eco-friendly. Many people realize there are beneficial reasons to use fertilizers and humates in the ground, but they need to learn the full benefits for our health and lives. Tri-C Organics is here to clear the air!

Using fertilizer is a great way how to enrich poor soil. It is an excellent way to substitute all the harmful stuff we put in our soil, air, water, and bodies. All of these are the best way to improve soil and its life. Listed are ten benefits most people never thought of when dealing with fertilizer.

Fertilize Says It All

The main ingredients to improve soil are phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, the most needed nutrients for healthy soil and plants. Nutrients come into contact with your lawn, garden, or when using fertilizer. Microorganisms grow in the ground and help break it down for the root systems to grow and find water and the proper nutrients. The soil stays healthy for plants' future growth and can retain moisture for those drier days when the roots can still dig deep for the water supply underground. The soil works better with natural material in the fertilizer and makes field maintenance a breeze.

All-Natural Fertilizer is Safe for People and Pets

It is recommended not to disturb the fertilizer within 24 hours of putting it down in the soil and to keep children and pets out of the garden area. Those with sensitive skin could become irritated, burn, itching, or have watery eyes. Illness can occur in people and pets who are more vulnerable to sickness due to a low immune system. Synthetic fertilizers are harsher on the skin, but there are no worries about all-natural fertilizers. It is entirely safe.

Some Fertilizers Feed the Microorganisms

Along with feeding the plants and soil, all-natural fertilizers provide nutrients for the microorganisms that break down the soil. As the microorganisms stay healthy, so does the soil. It keeps the soil reusable and sustainable in all environmental situations.

No Chance of Toxic Build-up

The toxic chemicals that build up over time will no longer exist using all-natural fertilizer. Over time, there is a build-up of harmful toxic chemicals that are dangerous to plants, soil, and microbes. It takes a couple of uses with the synthetic fertilizer to create a build-up, but one time is too many compared to healthy all-natural fertilizers. All fertilizers work on a timely basis. In other words, some work longer than others. All natural treats the soil, which is long term, and synthetic treats the plant, which can be short term for the plant's life.

The Environment Loves All-Natural Fertilizer

Regarding all-natural fertilizer, nutrients are absorbed by the soil better than when other items are used. There is no toxicity added to the environment when health is a priority. There are no issues when soil erodes or is full of fertilizer. It supports plant life in other areas. Nothing is wasted when fertilizer is used for the soil.

Fertilizers are Recycled

Fertilizers are made chiefly from animal waste, which is high in nutrients for the soil and plants. It is the most common way of using fertilizer and leaves no waste behind.

There is a Long-Lasting Change When Using Fertilizers

Fertilizer allows the soil to continue through a cycle that keeps up with the ecosystem. Synthetic fertilizers have effects that wear out over time, whereas all-natural fertilizers will keep the process in motion while it is in use. Fertilizers fix the problem in the soil, while synthetic fertilizers solve a problem in the plant or the roots. Synthetic fertilizers are suitable for a short-term fix. In contrast, all-natural fertilizers keep the soil going in a positive direction that, over time, brings the best soil with more nutrients than ever imagined.

Microorganisms and Fertilizers Work Together

Due to these fantastic products working together, the prevention of diseases in lawns and gardens is the most positive effect. Microorganisms are just as crucial as the earthworms in the ground. The plants in the garden and grass will grow denser and come alive in color with the fertilizer feeding the microorganisms.

Fertilizer Eliminates Contaminants

When using fertilizer, another benefit shows itself to be true. All contaminants are eliminated in the process of using fertilizer. The user wipes the slate clean from all harmful items in the soil and replaces it with fresh ground.

Easy to Use

This is always a catcher when people ask if it is easy to use. The answer is yes. All you need is a spreader for your home or garden. If you have a large property, use larger equipment to spread the fertilizer equally across the land. Some are able to attach to a lawnmower.

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