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These friendly soil fungi are natural microorganisms present in good soil, however are often missing in poor soil, but can now be added as an amendment. Mycorrhizae forms a relationship with the plant roots and creates an extensive network of root filaments, helping the plant absorb more soil nutrients. These beneficial fungi mediate nutrient cycling and other soil processes, create a diverse flora, and play a key role in improving poor soils. Mycorrhizal fungi help create better soil structure and permeability, greater nutrient and moisture uptake. This results in faster plant growth, resistance to disease, and greater plant diversity. Tri-C Mycorrhizae products are available in many forms, including: tabs, tea bags, and powder. If creating bigger and better plant roots is your goal, than Tri-C Mycorrhizae is the product you are looking for.

Proper nutrition is just as important for plants as it is for people and animals. You can increase the level of essential nutrients for plants in a variety of ways, including by using Mycorrhizae, but what exactly are they?

What are Mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae are a bridge, of sorts, between the roots of a plant and fungi in the soil. Their most important role is to increase the amount of water uptake as well as enhance the nutrient uptake by the host plant. They do this by exposing a higher volume of soil than the roots of the plant can do on their own. Mycorrhizae come in a variety of forms, but it depends on the host plant and the taxonomy of the fungi.

What Do Mycorrhizae Do for Plants?

Basically, mycorrhizae are naturally found in soil and are considered to be microorganisms, but they are lacking in poor or barren soil. Because of companies, such as Tri-C Organics, mycorrhizae can be purchased and then added to soil that needs them, so your plants or crops will become fruitful and healthy. They will create a relationship between the roots of your plants and the extensive network of filaments of the roots while helping each plant to absorb a higher number of soil nutrients. In other words, mycorrhizae are very beneficial fungi that are imperative for nutrient uptake as well as other processes that occur in soil. They also create a variety of flora and play a very important role in improving poor soil conditions. 


Products We Offer

Mycorrhizal fungi help to create a better soil structure, along with permeability and greater uptake of nutrients and moisture. greater nutrient and moisture uptake. This will facilitate faster plant growth and help plants become more resistant to disease, as well as make them more diverse.

Tri-C Organics offers an array of different Mycorrhizae products to help your plants or crops become strong, healthy, and thriving. Tri-C Mycorrhizae products are available in a variety of forms, including products that come in the form of tabs, tea bags, and even powder. If creating healthier, stronger, and better plant roots is your goal for your plants or even crops, then Tri-C Mycorrhizae products are the ones you have been searching for all along.

From the Tri-C Organics Myco Pak of Tabs that are for most plants and will reduce stress while meeting the nutrient needs of the plants as well as their water and fertilizer requirements to the Tri-C Myco Endo 120 tabs granules. Tri-C Organics also offers Tri-C Myco Tea Bags that have a similar effect on plant growth as the Tri-C Myco Pak Tabs do. Customers can also opt to purchase the Tri-C Myco Drench which will help to build a natural microbial system in and on the roots of your plants which will not only enhance their growth but their vigor as well. The Tri-C Myco Revival Plus will reduce the stress on plants that is caused by drought conditions and will even help to increase the quality of the plants along with their yield.

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Benefits of Mycorrhizae

Tri-C Mycorrhizae creates a network of bigger and better roots. Mycorrhizae fungi could increase the surface absorbing area of roots up to 1,000 times. Doing so greatly improves the ability of the plants to use nutrients and water.


Users of Tri-C Mycorrhizae products should see enhanced water and nutrient uptake, minimized transplant shock, and enhanced plant vigor.


The ability to apply these products in a variety of applications makes the product extremely diverse. Mycorrhizae can be applied as a granular directly to roots, a powder that can be watered in, or as tablets placed in a planting hole at the time of transplant.

*Material Safety Data Sheets available upon request*