Mycorrhizae Products

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These friendly soil fungi are natural microorganisms present in good soil, however are often missing in poor soil, but can now be added as an amendment. Mycorrhizae forms a relationship with the plant roots and creates an extensive network of root filaments, helping the plant absorb more soil nutrients. These beneficial fungi mediate nutrient cycling and other soil processes, create a diverse flora, and play a key role in improving poor soils. Mycorrhizal fungi help create better soil structure and permeability, greater nutrient and moisture uptake. This results in faster plant growth, resistance to disease, and greater plant diversity. Tri-C Mycorrhizae products are available in many forms, including: tabs, tea bags, and powder. If creating bigger and better plant roots is your goal, than Tri-C Mycorrhizae is the product you are looking for.

*Material Safety Data Sheets available upon request*


Benefits of Mycorrhizae

Tri-C Mycorrhizae creates a network of bigger and better roots. Mycorrhizae fungi could increase the surface absorbing area of roots up to 1,000 times. Doing so greatly improves the ability of the plants to use nutrients and water.


Users of Tri-C Mycorrhizae products should see enhanced water and nutrient uptake, minimized transplant shock, and enhanced plant vigor.


The ability to apply these products in a variety of applications makes the product extremely diverse. Mycorrhizae can be applied as a granular directly to roots, a powder that can be watered in, or as tablets placed in a planting hole at the time of transplant.