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All products are rich in minerals, carbon, organic matter, humic acids, and beneficial bacteria. The definitive difference in Tri-C Humate Plus is the homogeneous blend of Humate and GYPSUM. The Tri-C Humate Plus is granular, therefore eliminating the dust which is often a problem for topical or maintenance applications of organic materials. All products include Micro/Macro nutrients, allowing it to be available in a form for plant use. Tri-C Humate products help develop deep root systems, provide fuel for microbial activity, improve plant health, and the ability to resist disease. Tri-C Humate 6/2/4 Blend has the same great benefits of the other three Tri-C Humate products, but it includes fertilizer, therefore it feeds the soil and the plant material. Tri-C Humate is OMRI & OIM listed.

*Material Safety Data Sheets available upon request*

Benefits of Humate

Physical: Increase water holding capacity; Improves seed bed; Reduces soil erosion; Improves drought tolerance; Improves soil aeration.


Chemical: Increase percentage of total N in soil; Neutralizes alkaline and acid in soil; Increases ion exchange capacity; Increases mineral uptake; Retains and releases fertilizer in roots; Regulates hormone levels in stressed plants.

Biological: Accelerates cell division, increases cell wall thickness; Accelerates seed germination; Increases positive soil micro organisms; Increases length of root growth; Increases nutrient uptake; Increases enzyme production; Increases photosynthesis.


Tri-C Organics Humate Soil Conditioner

Humate can be the "secret sauce" that makes the difference between languishing landscapes and vibrant turf surrounded by thriving plants that respond to fertilizers and stand up to both drought and flood, Tri-C Organics Humate Soil Conditioner can be the missing ingredient in your fertilizer program that makes all the difference in how abundantly your plants grow.

Products We Offer

Tri-C offers humate in exactly the formula you need.


Tri-C Humate provides 40 percent humic and fulvic acid from milled leonardite. Our milling process ensures the leonardite rock is just the right size for application without dust, breaking down slowly to provide lasting benefits to your plants,

Tri-C Humate Plus provides calcium sulfate dihydrate with a small percentage of humic acid. This is the formulation you need for correcting soil pH. The addition of humic acids ensures that beneficial soil fungi help in the process.


Tri-C Premium Humate is milled and formulated to boost turf growth. Boasting a dust-free application, this product can help lawns, small pastures, baseball fields, football fields, and golf courses grow greener and healthier for several years after a single application.


The Tri-C 6-2-4 Blend provides nitrogen, potash, and phosphorus in a non-burning ratio, plus sulfur to amend alkaline soils, with humic acid to reduce the density of the soil. Tri-C Soluble Humate is sprayed onto the landscape, without dust, in smaller amounts because it reaches the root zone directly.


Best Uses for Tri-C Humate

Landscapers use Tri-C Humate to keep grass green. Greenhouse growers use Tri-C hamate to optimize potting soils for maximum fertility with just the right level of aeration. Tri-C hamate products increase cation exchange that ensures plants receive the nutrients they need, while improved friability of the soil ensures that salts won't accumulate.

In container-grown plants, the benefits of Tri-C humates are visible in days. In landscape applications, the benefits of granular Tri-C humates will be visible for up to five years.

Humates often increase tomato and strawberry production by 10 percent. Leafy greens produce 15 percent more. And cannabis reliably shows greater vigor.

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