Tri-C creates products that enhance soil, plant health, and contribute to the environment in a positive way. The humate and mycorrhizal products are naturally occurring materials or fungi that provide essential elements and microbes necessary for the robust health of soil and plants. In addition to our superior product line, we offer professional soil and irrigation analysis service.

Our products were developed for use in the horticulture, landscape, sports field, golf course, erosion, vegetation, and bio remediation industries. Humate is an extremely concentrated rich material that has been composting for millions of years. It is rich in minerals, beneficial bacteria, and carbon. It enhances the actions of other materials and fertilizers. Tri-C Humate products are especially useful where storm water run off is a major concern, since humate is used in bio remediation of toxic soils. Ideal for new site preparation, hydro seeding, and anywhere soil needs enrichment. Adding mycorrhizal inoculum increases root growth naturally, therefore helping nutrients and water stay available to the plant.

Tri-C has been in the Green Industry since 1996, and we are an active member of several industry organizations. We constantly strive to educate people on the benefits of healthy soils and plants. Our products are the highest quality amendments to properly improve soil conditions, root growth, and structure.

"It doesn't matter if we are dealing with sports field, residential home development sites, commercial landscapes, slope remediation, parks, street medians, sand, or even clay; the secret to success is always creating a healthy and productive soil environment where the roots can grow and thrive!"  - Marilyn Chambers, Founder